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­­­­­Proceeds: Proceeds from your closing will be issued in the form of a check. If you would like your funds wired to your account, please contact your bank for correct wiring instructions. Oftentimes the routing number on your personal check is not suitable for wiring funds. Our fee for transferring monies to your account is $30.00.

Property Tax Statements: The county will mail the tax statements to whoever owned the property as of January 1st of the year of closing. Sellers should forward the bill to the purchaser immediately upon receipt. Purchasers are required to pay the property tax bill whether or not they receive a bill. Most counties have an online system for the payment of property taxes.

Tax Prorations: Taxes collected at closings occurring prior to the issuance of a tax bill in the Fall are ESTIMATES only. The estimates are based upon the previous year’s tax bill. If the prorations provided at closing require adjustments upon receipt of the current year tax bill, the parties should make the appropriate adjustments between themselves.

1099 and Tax Filing: Please retain any 1099 documentation you received at closing for your tax records.

Questions: Post closing questions can be emailed to postclosing@lawsonandbeck.com

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